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Ibuprofen decreases likelihood of altitude sickness, researchers find. You will never see these types of inserts and warnings for any homeopathic remedies. Anti-inflammatory medication often used as a painer, was found to snificantly reduce the incidence of altitude sickness in a double-blind.

The Hidden Danger of Children's Motrin - Homeopathy has been gentle acting for 250 years, they do not go out of date and only lose potency if mishandled by leaving them out in the sun, cooking them in a summer car, or leaving them next to an electrical magnetic device for a long time. Nov 13, 2008. "Children's Motrin is off limits in my family," says Witzer. often resemble burn victims, they live a life of misery, many go blind and even die.

Million judgment for Plymouth teen, her family will stand - News. The Supreme Court said Tuesday that it will not stop a Plymouth teenager and her parents from collecting a million judgment they were awarded after the girl was severely burned and nearly blinded as a child by an allergic reaction to an over-the-counter medicine. Local family awarded million in suit over girl's reaction to Motrin. Reckis survived, but she was left frail, badly burned and nearly blind.

Stevens Johnson Syndrome Award Could Be 0 Million with Interest In a setback to the pharmaceutical industry, the US Supreme Court declined on Tuesday to hear an appeal sought by Johnson & Johnson of a million verdict that found the company failed to properly warn consumers about the risks of its Children’s Motrin painer. Jul 8, 2015. The family was told to administer Motrin to the little girl three times daily. than 12 surgeries to her eyes, Samantha has been left legally blind.

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Motrin blind:

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